“… as soon as he touched his custom-guitar, sending a shower of harmonics into the silence, he rendered all musings about categorization redundant, … he demonstrated just how much musical territory, opened up by Hendrix in the 1960s, still remains for subsequent generations of guitarists to explore.”   – The London Times, 1996



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A feature documentary film by collaborative international artists

“They’re going to make a movie about Neto? Well he’s brilliant, isn’t he?” –  Ms. Watson, 100-year-old bread baker, from the Cotswolds in England

A spectrum of people, voices, and textures, “The Man Behind the White Guitar” is a film about the musical life of Brazilian guitarist, José Neto. Neto’s music and energy have been behind major world musicians, including Harry Belafonte and Steve Winwood, as well as Brazilian greats, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira. His diverse musical journey from Brazil to the United States and England and deep life challenges have taught him the values of loyalty, devotion, and positive vision that speak through his sounds and  performing spirit. He’s touched the lives of the most unsuspecting fans worldwide.





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